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Summary ☆ Tales from the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ì ➢ Tales from the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird Ebook ➨ Author Vivian Vande Velde – Welcome to the fairy tale world where Hansel and Gretel are horriblOf dollars Tales from PDF to build a theme park and then makes off with the money These tongue in cheek interpretations of than a dozen favorite fairy tales will have readers in stitche. You know me I'm a sucker for fractured fairy tales A short and funny collection of twisted fairy talesSome parts seems pretty familiar especially the part in Rumpelstiltzkin about bringing gold from his world and how his world occupies the space that the Miller's daughter's world doesn't and Rumpelstiltzkin demonstrating this by intertwining his fingers The z is supposed to be there BTW Also Little Red Riding Hood being named Lucinda rang a bell I remembered reading about the Rumpelstiltskin thing in a book of different variations on Rumpelstiltskin And what do you know it was written by the same author Once I had that figured out I remembered noting that all of the author's names started with V when I was logging the book My kindle edition has some ATROCIOUS and incredibly obvious errors Take this line 'Thank you sir Della said curtsying again it j That's literally it Just a random it j inserted in between relatively normal dialogue Other error include random capitalization The errors weren't on every page common but they were so weird that they really stood out I think of it like someone reading the book and not looking at the computer as they transcribed the book and then not reading it over to check for mistakes but the person is generally a really good typer

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An In the realm of the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird when the sky really does fall Chicken Little becomes the leader of a religious movement gets her own TV show collects millions. To go along with my recent interest in fairy tales I decided to look at some fractured versions because those are always the best One day while browsing my online library catalog I came across this book It sounded just up my alley and it was This was a fantastic read and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys fractured fairy tales I love how she takes these classic stories and retells them with a twist often with the bad guys becoming good and the good guys becoming bad Take Rumplestiltskin for instance In this re telling Rumplestiltskin is the good guy who helps the soon to be ueen turn straw into gold for no pay and when a child is born that the king ignores because it is a girl rather than a boy Rumplestiltskin agrees to help the ueen trick the king into loving his daughter The story ends with a twist to find out you'll have to read the book

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Tales from the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters WeirdWelcome to the fairy the Brothers MOBI #238 tale world where Hansel and Gretel are horrible children who deserve to be baked and where Beauty is dismayed when her beloved Beast turns hum. Loved how this book included several different classic stories From The Princess and the Pea to Beauty and the Beast I recognized so many stories and enjoyed reading this The writing style was great and I didn't have any trouble staying interested in this book