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That Scandalous EveningA Disastrous SeasonA simple statue began the scandal A Lady ConcealedAn innocent English miss conceived of it her hands gliding across the clay delineating each smoothly defined muscle and sinew creating a sculpture of the man she worshipped When the likene. In 1809 unmarried ladies weren't supposed to think about much less sculpt the male figure Why the attention to detail a sculptor gives to the male physiue even makes ME blushAs That Scandalous Evening opens our heroine has done just that Deep in the throes of unreuited virginal love for Ransom uincy Maruess of Blackburn who is completely undeserving I might add she has poured her heart and soul into a sculpture of her beloved This sculpture of course is never meant to be seen but through a series of catty maneouvers it is unveiled at a ball attended by both the Hero and the heroine The ensuing scandal ruins Jane Higgenbothem and humiliates Blackburn beyond reparationCut to ten years later Jane reappears in London chaperoning her niece's first season Lord Blackburn has also returned to London; injured in the battle of Talavera he has been retained by the Foreign Office to ferret out a network of spies for Napoleon among the ton Time and circumstance have changed them both tremendously They meet again sparks fly and I sat back to enjoy watching it all play outI really had fun reading this one I loved the premise and the main reason for the Maruess' humiliation is absolutely hilarious Even when seeing the sculpture ten years later Jane still has absolutely no idea what Ransom is so upset about She sees nothing but an example of her work he view spoilercannot believe she has given him such a small fig leaf and that the entire ton believes it to be an accurate representation of his um endowment hide spoiler

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Read That Scandalous Evening ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ë ➸ That Scandalous Evening Free ➮ Author Christina Dodd – A Disastrous SeasonA simple statue began the scandal A Lady ConcealedAn innocent English miss conceived of it her hands gliding across the clay delineating each smoSs was exposed along with Miss Jane Higgenbothem's secret tendre for Lord Blackburn the ton's gleeful contempt sent the lady back to the country in disgrace A Gentleman Revealed Now a decade later she's back in London as a chaperone to her beautiful niece B. I was looking forward to this but the story lagged and the hero hah the hero needed a two by four upside the head Oooh new categoryPlot Backstory is the heroine was having a mediocre season in part due to her desire to be an artist and in part she's in love with the high flying hero She knows she is not in his league but is happy to adore from afar She is humiliated as is he when another sneaky deb unveils a statue a nude statue the heroine sculpted of the hero She is laughed out of the ballroom The hero is furiousview spoiler She goes to the hero's house to explain where she ends up in a terribly compromising position which the bastard does NOTHING about hide spoiler

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Ut to Blackburn That Scandalous PDFEPUB or Jane's unwitting model the cool reticent spinster is still a challenge She once made the arrogant rake a laughingstock so why is he tempted to revive an affair that almost began so long ago on one scandalous evenin. 3 stars Jane and Ransom This is the infamous plain heroine trope blah This one also has the infamous 11 years since they have seen each other trope blah So eleven years laterthe heroine is still plain except now she is a spinster complete with a spinsters cap who is chaperoning her beautiful niece The romance was so off for me that I was sort of hoping her HEA was to go do the artist stuff and traveling alone LOL The side characters keeps this a three for mebarely