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READER ´ DOC The Pandora Seuence ´ 9781614750505 FREE Ü ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ The Pandora Seuence ✑ Author Frank Herbert – All three novels in the Pandora Seuence by Frank Herbert Bill Ransom seuels to Frank Herbert's Destination Void The Jesus Incident A sentient Ship with Its unworthy human cargo on the all sea world of Pandora Now centuries have passed The descendants of humanity split into Mermen and Islanders must reunite because Pandora's original owner is returning to life Book 2 in Herbert Ransom's Pandora Seuence The Ascension Factor Pandora's humans have been recovering land from its raging seas at an accelerated pace since The Lazarus Effect The great kelp of the seas sentient but electronically manipulated by humans buffers Pandora's wild currents to restore land and facilitate the booming sea trade New settlements rise overnight but children starve in their shadows An orbiting assembly station is near completion of Project Voidship which is the hope of many for finding a b Fantastic series

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All three novels in the Pandora Seuence by Frank Herbert Bill Ransom seuels to Frank Herbert's Destination Void The Jesus Incident A sentient Ship with godlike powers and aspirations delivers the last survivors of humanity to a horrific poisonous planet Pandora rife with deadly Nerve Runners Hooded Dashers airborne jellyfish and intelligent kelp ChaplainPsychiatrist Raja Lon Flattery is brought back out of hybernation to witness Ship's machinations as well as the schemes of human scientists manipulating the genetic structure of humanity Book 1 in Herbert Ransom's Pandora Seuence The Lazarus Effect In The Jesus Incident Herbert and Ransom introduced Ship an artificial intelligence that believed it was God abandoning The Jesus IncidentHaving been a Herbert fan for uite a few years I hadn't read this particular series I began with Destination Void It was interesting but I didn't feel any attachment to it like I felt in the Dune series But I slugged on and read The Jesus IncidentPeople made excuses for Herbert regarding this series claiming that it was really Ransom's voice That may be true to a limited extent for Herbert's wife was uite ill at the time and he was on a deadline to write a nonfiction book However Herbert had the final say and the changes made to the plot line etc were all HerbertI really resent atheists entering into a discussion about Christianity as if it's an intellectual exercise and what they understand it to mean Christianity is not an intellectual exercise it's a relationship How do you enter into an intellectual exercise about your love for wife or husband or even your children? Although much of what is brought up is interesting but it ends there and on a hollow note It will always end on a hollow note Christianity is not about people and that is what all unbelievers try to glean from the teachingsAs a theologian and a person of deeply held faith The Jesus Incident is neither an intellectual exercise nor does it understand the crucifixion or what it means The ship speaking in people's minds is also ridiculous unless there is an implant It could send out electromagnetic radiation but a conversation?Neither can a computer become God no matter how much it believes itself to be God Harlan Ellison wrote a short story that was actually better in that the computer had no moral limitations in what it would do to a life form It was amoral and actually enjoyed tormenting the last humansIn this book we're to believe that a computer has developed the moral trait of mercy and compassion teaching two of the characters about Jesus crucifixion Typical of an unbeliever they want people of faith to worship themselves and each other as if this would help people live in harmony Even Vonnegut entered into that nonsense They blame religion for the world's ills It's man who is to blame for the world's ills and only those who've taken their religious propensity into their own interpretation which is exactly what Herbert and Ransom did does the intent become lost polluted convoluted and twistedThis book was disappointing I gave it four stars because it's written well and the plot is interesting even with its limitations But all I could take away from it is that man given over to worshiping themselves Oakes will always cross the line in experimenting with DNA and become a tyrant using the Scream Room to keep people in lineThe Lazarus Effect

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The Pandora SeuenceEtter world Pandora is under the fist of an ambitious clone from hibernation called The Director who rules with a sadistic security force led by the assassin Spider Nevi Small resistance groups like the one led by Twisp ueets and Ben Ozette have had little effect on his absolute power The Director controls the transportation of foodstuffs; uprisings are punished with starvation The resistance fighters' main hope is Crista Galli a woman believed by some to be the child of God Crista pools her talents with Dwarf MacIntosh Beatriz Tatoosh and Rico LaPush to transcend the barriers between the different species and overthrow The Director and the sinister cabal with which he rules Book 3 in Herbert Ransom's Pandora Seuenc Entertaining trilogy Each book could likely stand in its own right They're all seuels to Destination Void and set in the same universetimeline but each is completely different from the other two by virtue of characterizing the planet as an incredibly complex and perhaps supernatural ecosystem in different stages of developmentregressionNot to mention of course that despite the fact both Herbert and Ransom are billed the same the truth is the books become Ransom as they go with the third having been written almost solely by him and published after Herbert died