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review The Pope Is Not Gay Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❰Ebook❯ ➠ The Pope Is Not Gay Author Angelo Quattrocchi – The Pope is Not Gay is an irreverent history of homophobic and sexist obscurantism in the Holy Roman Church and an endoscopic examination of its greatest contemporary advocate PopOcchi contrasts the Pope’s doctrinal rigidity on issues such as birth control abortion and homosexuality to his extravagant attire and his controversial relationship with his private secretary Cardinal Georg Gänswein Rigidity on all frontsIllustrated throughout and including Ratzinger’s key writings on homosexuality as an appendix. I can't imagine this book will appear anytime soon on the syllabus of any of the Catholic schools I attended In fairness to the author he presents the Church's position through uotes from letters pronouncements His own views many of which I share come across at times as snarky I was aware of Georg admit to wondering; the background of their relatinship was new to me As was the story of Pope Julian Those two themes made the book a 3 star for me Devout Catholics may well be upset by this recovering Catholics will shake their head I doubt anyone will change their views But uattrocchi gets kudos for putting down on paper what so many of us have thought

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Pope’s childhood in Nazi Germany his membership of the Hitler youth in Bavaria and his conscription into the German anti aircraft corps His has been a startling career a story that helps explain his development as a reactionary theologian and Pope Is Not eBook #8608 culminates in his carefully planned election to the papacy in uattr. It's a pretty eye catching cover and title but alas this book is uite a disappointment Yes Pope Benedict has a lot to answer for in respect of the huge harm he has done gay people throughout the world by his poisonous words But I don't really care whether he has a romance going on with Georg Where are the really well written exposes of this vile man There were plenty of such books came out during John Paul's reign and at least he had some good points Where is all the data concerning Benedict's part in the cover up of child abusing priests It's not a surprise to find that someone so much the very essence of homophobia should turn out to be a deeply repressed homosexual if he is There was J Edgar Hoover for example But what the author points to mostly is a capacity for a neo transvestite taste Gucci and Prada not to mention that incredible Santa hat The level of journmalism doesn't go a lot deeper than that uattrocchi also admits he iswas an atheist which doesn't address the many problems for gay people who are believing Catholics and can't just dump their faith because the leadership is rotten Let's hope the subject catches the attention of say a John Cornwell so we can at last put Josef Ratzinger in hios proper context I must add though that if Georg Ganswein was helping me get dressed in the mornings I don't think I could answer for the conseuences Lucky old Benedict

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The Pope Is Not GayThe Pope is Not Is Not PDF #8608 Gay is an irreverent history of homophobic and sexist obscurantism in the Holy Roman Church and an endoscopic examination of its greatest contemporary advocate Pope Benedict XVI In his inimitable style Angelo uattrocchi traces the evolution of Joseph Ratzinger’s The Pope PDF or life beginning with the. I originally ran across this book in an article in the New York Review of Books  My comments regarding that article preceded my reading of this book and have been left intact at the end of this review The book reinforces my maxim that people specialize in their deficiencies  It would appear that Ratzinger or Ratzy as Benedict XVI is unaffectionately called has some serious issues with his own sexuality not to mention authoritarianism  uattrocchi who died in 2009 was a reporter for Italian newspapers ​​​Of course sex phobia has a long history in the Catholic Church starting with Paul who said in his letters that if you enjoyed or indulged in sex you could never make it to heaven I am sooo doomed Andrew Priest don't you just love the irony a psychologist and anthropologist in addition to being a Protestant priest wrote Paul “suffered from a pathological lack of emotional maturity and was psychologically unstable and was therefore too apt to confuse his instinctive reactions and capricious value judgments with rules emanating from on highHe was attracted to Christ on the cross than he was to the Christ of the resurrection  His doctrine of atonement bears the mark of his sadomasochistic tastes uattrocchi suggest Ratzy suffers from the same flaws  Ratzy has been singularly silent with regard to any adolescent relationships  Growing up as he did member of the Nazi Youth subject to Nazi hate for homosexuals uattrocchi says sex became an obsession to the future pope The idea that the Vatican and priesthood are a sanctuary for homosexuals is not a new one Roger Peyrefitte waged a rather bitter battle with the Catholic establishment including Francois Mauriac over his derogatory The Keys of St Peter novel in the 1950's Ratzy was brought to Rome in 1986 to restore the old order and he immediately kicked off two decades of homophobia  In his Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexuals  he says paraphrased by uattrocchi I condemn you and as always I discriminate against you  But I do it to please my God and of course for your own good  Souls are good Arseholes bad  Ratzy rejected the budding homosexual rights movement against discrimination as being ultimately destructive to souls Ratzy said 'Sexual orientation' does not constitute a uality comparable to race ethnic background etc in respect to non discrimination Unlike these homosexual orientation is an objective disorder   He goes on to support discriminatory practices against gaysuattrocchi finds that the Pope's pronouncements since his election he argues without evidence that Ratzinger had been groomed for the job by John Paul and the first three ballots were merely a sham to make it look as if there might be some disagreement have been sex and homo phobicAbout half the book is devoted to Georg Ganswein Georg described as a magnificent specimen with Steve Mcueen looks even in his fifties was a follower of Lefebvre long considered the leader of a heretical movement Benedict has worked to rehabilitate his organization within the church Georg was a superb politician and gradually worked his way up the ladder of Opus Dei the powerful extremely conservative Catholic organization  Ratzy took note As a good German one who also appreciated the Latin mass Ratzy and Georg presided over uasi secret Latin masses for the Italian rich during the late eighties he is made Ratzinger's second in command at the CDF the church's 20th century inuisition​​​​ agency​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ In the meantime Ratzy was making himself indispensable to WijtilaAfter his inevitable installation as pope Georg was installed as his personal assistant helping him dress etc and always present often caught on camera in rather intimate situations The result of this symbiosis is a combination of doctrinal rigidity and flamboyant dress  uattrochi places a lot of importance on the pope's all chosen by Georg dress  Prada red shoes Ray Ban sunglasses apparently the first time a pope was ever seen in sunglasses ermine and ever flamboyance  uattrochi uotes several pieces by Italian newspapers all remarking on the strangeness of the pope's new clothes The pink cassocks especially had the tongues waggingThe rumor mills begin to go crazy with speculation that the pope is gay and in a relationship with Georg Apparently there was a gay pope  Julius III famous for his support of Michaelangelo who fell in love with a thirteen year old boy and who made the boy a cardinal at age seventeen after his election to the papacy one is so tempted to say popehoodA fine example of Ratzinger's hair splitting and desire to suppress dissent was evident just recently in his letter to English Bishops with regard to the beatification of Newman as uoted by Garry Wills a committed Catholic who flat out calls the Pope a liar Pope Benedict XVI is the best dressed liar in the world  T he Pope writes “In a social milieu that encourages the expression of a variety of opinions on every uestion that arises it is important to recognize dissent for what it is and not to mistake it for a mature contribution to a balanced and wide ranging debate” So dissent is to be condemned and not part of a balanced debateuattrocchi leaves us with a rather pathetic portrait Our infallible little man entranced as he recounts by his vestments the sounds the pomp of a church in Bavaria who has led a life filled with indestructible certainties structured around and consolidated by  his studies of incontrovertible texts which had to be learned and annotated but never refuted The secularist will inevitably wonder not particularly maliciously whether such fury the pope's homophobic pronouncements isn't the fruit of a deeply repressed desire for what he condemns In short he might simply be the most repressed imploded gay in the world ReferencesAndrew Priest'Un Homosexuel peut il etre Chretien Arcadie no 160 April 1967   Not many copies of this book around Where is GoogleBooks when we need it From a 1992 document published by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith headed by Ratzinger Appendix 2 in uattrochi's bookGeorg himself said But it is also true that the fact of meeting each other and being together on a daily basis creates a sense of 'familiarity which makes you feel less nervous But obviously I know who the Holy Father is and so I know how to behave appropriately There are always some situations however when the heart beats a little stronger than usual Notes re the article in the New York Times Review of BooksColm Toibin uses this book as a springboard for an examination of the Catholic Church's uixotic relationship with homosexuality especially since Vatican II which statists would argue laid the groundwork for what now appears to be seminaries filled with than 50% homosexuals looking for an opportunity to wear dresses and not have to worry about screwing women He spends less time on the book that he does in picking apart the positively devilish manner the Church has hidden and condoned really appalling behavior by some of its minions not to mention authorities I's an institution that has virtually destroyed whatever moral authority it might have had witness Ireland yet insists on prescribing moral remedies at world summits as a representative of a micro countryuattrocchi apparently pulls few punches suggesting that In this way the Pope's adoration of fine red shoes his love of fine robes which he changes often and his constant companion a rather pretty boy personal secretary who helps him dress his true nature his deepest unspoken inclinations are revealed In short he might simply be the most repressed imploded gay in the worldFull review is worth reading at Among the Flutterers by Colm Tóibín If you can't get access to the review because it's for print subscribers only send me an email and I'll forward a pdf copy of it