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FREE READ El regreso del joven príncipe ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ [Read] ➵ El regreso del joven príncipe ➱ A.G. Roemmers – With specially commissioned illustrations by Pietari Posti and a foreword by Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s nephew THE RETURN OF THE YOUNG PRINCE will beY grow up and – no longer El regreso PDF or content with their tiny planet – set off once again to explore the universe anew So the Little Prince now a teenager one day returns to Earth and finds himself on a lonely country road in the vast desolate plains of Patagonia There he meets the narrator of th. Thank you OneWorld Publications for a review copy of The Return of the Young Prince by AG Roemmers in exchange of an honest review Before asking for a review copy of the book I read several book reviews and most of them are thoughts of disappointed readers or fans of The Little Prince I kind of hesitated to ask for a review copy but I decided to give it a tryWithout having to compare this book to Antoine's The Little Prince I assure you that this is an exceptional one Many people compared this book to TLP I chose not to because first and foremost this book was written by a different author with a different journey together with his very own Young Prince Roemmers used a neutral yet alluring diction One wherein you will have to think deep not because of his choice of words because it's direct to the point but because of the message he conveys There wasn't much of a story for the reason that the book seemed to be just like a self help one Also a good storyline is missing I took uite a lot from TROTYP I somehow managed to connect myself to the book not to the journey per se but to the words of wisdom present The uotes almost each line and dialogue are all memorable Despite the fact that the illustrations are too elementary I was impressed due to its simplicityOverall The Return of the Young Prince is such an inspiring and a beautifully written piece

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Is novel who rescues regreso del joven PDFEPUB #230 him and takes him on a journey Slowly the Prince shares the stories of his adventures and together they begin to explore some of life’s most important uestions taking readers along with them on a wonderful spiritual journey An inspiring life changing bo. I think this book was lost in translation It felt way too wordy and compared with the original it just didn't line up I was dragging my feet with this one and to be perfectly honest only finished it because I wanted to take it off my night stand The last few pages were kind of beautiful though so it warrants three stars

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El regreso del joven príncipeWith specially commissioned illustrations del joven PDFEPUB #194 by Pietari Posti and a foreword by Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s nephew THE RETURN OF THE YOUNG PRINCE will be cherished by children and adults alike across the globe Even princes from faraway planets do not always remain small Eventually the. First of all when we talk about The Prince we’re not talking about Niccolò Machiavelli's Il Principe here Though there’s really no way of recapturing the childhood innocence of the little prince when he has aged enough to become a soap opera actorWhy do we need another so called philosophical contemplative novel for adults when we already have Tolstoy Dostoyevsky Joyce Murdoch Camus Nietzsche Voltaire Woolf Borges Wallace Sartre and other goddamn serious writersIf you want to write something new and different from the original idea just create your own character don't abuse our beloved Prince Please