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DOC é This is Paradise ☆ Hyok Kang Hyok Kang was eighteen when he escaped from North Korea a country locked away from the outside world This personal illustrated account of school days in a rigidly communist institution and everyday life with his family and community provides a This is PDF or rare glimpse of this secretive nation His shocking and moving portrayal bears witness to this There were three things that were particularly surprising about this bookThe most startling thing was just how perfectly the North Korean government's brainwashing worked I knew it would work but not to the extent that it actually does By cutting off all outside media and suppressing all dissent they got these starving people that were boiling bark and dying of hunger left and right to believe that although things were bad they lived in the most prosperous country in the worldThey actually believed that other countries were somehow poorer The author's father had a hard time convincing him to try to escape because he thought things would just be worse outside of North Korea When his family got to Manchuria in China not exactly a posh land of plenty they were shocked at how readily available food and money were He said that he was amazed to see fat people and that in North Korea there was only one fat man Kim Jong IlThe second surprise was how sualid and disgusting things were in their prisons and camps This was a surprise on two levels actually because I was also surprised that I was surprised Let me explain I knew that North Korea was cruel and destitute but they've actually done a great and kind of subtle job promoting it as a clean place I imagined that the guards would torture you good in a North Korean prison but your cell would be clean and sterile if overcrowded Something about rigid Orwellian societies makes you think they're overclean Well not even an insane zeal for order can overcome sualor if everyone is starving North Korean prisons are overrunning with lice and feces and as a result diseaseAnd the third surprise is of a disappointment than a surprise North Korean refugees despite all they've been through and all they've done to survive against the odds are treated as inferior and as outcasts in South Korea They get picked on in schools and are discriminated against when it comes to hiring It is human nature to fuck with people who are different and poorer but come on I could understand maybe not being able to relate to them that well and not becoming really close friends with North Korean refugees but that some people would actually actively harass them disgusts me What spoiled assholesAll of my grandparents grew up in what became North Korea in 1948 They were among the wealthier classes so when communism hit they knew they had to get the hell out of there Had they not made their escape one of my grandmothers had to do it twice because she was caught once I wouldn't have existed to suffer the horrible torture of daily life there but my grandparents and at least my dad would have So in a way it was fortunate that they were of the despised classes because it made the choice obvious A lot of people in Korea at the time didn't know much about Kim Il Sung and so stuck around to see how things turned out What's the worst that could happen after all I think they were punished cruelly and unfairly for making the best decision they could with the information they had at that pointSo yeah North Korea is terrible but this book illustrates that it's terrible than you think

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PDF é BOOK This is Paradise ½ ➶ [Reading] ➸ This is Paradise By Hyok Kang ➫ – Gwairsoft.co.uk Hyok Kang was eighteen when he escaped from North Korea a country locked away from the outside world This personal illustrated account of school days in a rigidly communist institution and everyday li Hyok Kang was eighteen when he e Tend All this is normal After all the propaganda North Koreans are fed by their government insists that compared to the rest of the world this is paradise Hyok Kang's childhood and courageous escape through China Vietnam and Cambodia to South Korea is a remarkable story that goes to the heart of a nation living under a disturbing delusion of 'paradis This one I found difficult to read for two reasons The first is that people are still living in circumstances just like the author The second was the the style of writing which I found to be a bit scatty it did not seem to flow well

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This is ParadiseSpirited young boy's resilience and survival in a society forced to operate under the shadow of labour camps public executions and the deception of UN representatives by Korean officials When the famine comes so too does death by starvation of friends and close ones and Hyok Kang watches as his classmates drop out of school one by one too weak to at Rating 45 starsThis was the selection for our second book group meeting which is now called The Granite Literary Society because Aberdeen is made of granite and because I was so amused by the horrible punny subtitle my friend came up with where we don't take books for graniteBefore reading this I like many others in the world knew very little of Noth Korea other than that they had nothing while Kim Jong Il owns every film every made and that it's very difficult to get in and out of Reading this memoir brought the abstract to the concrete This is the story of a young boy who even though he had a bit privilege than some of his peers his extended family in Japan sent his grandparents a money order every month and the grandparents had been photographed with Kim il Sung he still had to creatively find ways to stop him his family and his friends from starving to deathThey grew thinner and desperate resorting to boiling tree bark to live eating rats and then finding their winter hoards to scrape the few grains of rice together sneaking into fields with armed gunmen for one watermelon Yet they saw the lavish statues of Sung and Jong bathed in electrical lights when their own homes were dark they had to lay flowers at the foot of the statue and cheer they were told that this was paradise that the rest of the world was worse and that only Kim Jong Il was saving them from certain deathYet Hyok Kang and his family felt something was wrong They make a daring escape and learn whether life on the outside is any better The memoir is well written though at times it seems to skim over wide periods of his life unsurprising in a 200 page memoir and it's interspersed with drawings of his childhood done by the author himself as of course he has no childhood photographsVery much recommended