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Everyone and To Perish Annabelle PDF knows that and To ePUB #10003 planning a wedding can be murder but when top DC wedding planner Annabelle Archer finds an old nemesis hanging by To Love PDFEPUB or a bridal veil in a hotel ballroom she's shocked to discover that wedding planners can be murdered as well Carolyn McCrabe was DC's grande Love and To MOBI. This is Book 10 not Book 3 as statedCozy Wedding Planner MysteryThis is another cozy mystery in the Annabelle Archer Wedding Planner series Besides being a good mystery with too many suspects it is seriously funny The one liners and outrageous behaviors will keep the reader giggling throughout the book The plot is great the execution better The characters are fun and multi layered The is some stereotyping but all of it is good natured and funny I received the ARC book for free and this is my honest review

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To Love and To Perish Annabelle Archer Mysteries PaperbackBelle's flirtatious assistant Kate flamboyant caterer Richard and the always–fabulous hairdresser Fern team up to investigate other suspects But when another wedding planner is found murdered––strangled by a curling iron cord at an industry party––Annabelle realizes that she might not only be a suspect but a crazed killer's next victim as wel. Good Humorous ReadI love this series it is funny laugh out loud funny Entertaining love the mysteries; I am thrilled the OCD Annabelle has moved up several steps with her drop dead gorgeous boyfriend Why don't they get married Why can't she keep Peanut Butter in her house I do not like that aspect of her personality This Detective is too good for her in my personal opinion No man wants to be put last The relationship would never last Can she not buy a Cookbook a slow cooker and make him a meal at least once a week He does all the giving; she does all the takingI recommendCarolintallahassee

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review To Love and To Perish Annabelle Archer Mysteries Paperback Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB Î ❮Download❯ ➵ To Love and To Perish Annabelle Archer Mysteries Paperback Author Laura Durham – Everyone knows that planning a wedding can be murder but when top #183 dame of wedding planning and made than a few enemies in her day but because many of the hotel staff saw Carolyn and Annabelle Love and To Perish Annabelle ePUB #199 arguing only minutes before the aging diva's demise Annabelle is immediately pegged as the prime suspect Determined to shake the suspicion from their beloved colleague and friend Anna. ACTION PACKED ADVENTURETo Love and To Perish An Annabelle Archer Mystery is another ACTION PACKED ADVENTURE in Wedding Tales This novel deals with a Texas sized Wedding and everyone knows EVERYTHING is bigger and better when you’re dealing with Texans a Wedding is colossal Being a Wedding Planner is not for the faint of heart Consider the hours and working every weekend Some clients are wonderful and continue to hire Wedding Belles for other monumental occasions Then there are the Bridezillas and the Momzillas Sometimes they are not even in the same Wedding Party In this novel Durham has presented Archer with a serious problem of the teetotaling Bride’s Family the drunken Priest flown in from Ireland just for the purpose of presiding over the nuptials When he asks to stop off at a pub between the airport and the Rehearsal Archer knew she might be in trouble She had no idea just how ugly things would get To make things even worse there’s been a murder or two or three maybe it’s four It’s difficult to keep up as Wedding Planners keep dropping like flies What’s the common denominator And the bigger uestion is WHO WILL BE NEXT I was provided an ARC of this book by the author The opinions expressed here are completely my own and without influence I have preordered a copy of this book for my own personal library