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REVIEW Ç GWAIRSOFT.CO.UK Ö Markus Heinze Hildren are severely injured or in some cases killed by their exposure to vaccines Targeting parents and health professionals VACCeptable Injuries draws on verifiable databases and peer reviewed research to make its controversial claims Heinze is aware that many will try to discredit his work given that he is not a doctor or a scientist With a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in education he is euipped to analyze scientific claims of experienced researchers who have been investigating the connections and correlations between vaccinations and the development of childhood autoimmune disorders such as type diabetes Through his academic research he has discovered that vaccines pose an ongoing danger to our children Heinze's book is a good choice read before doctors and nurses approach your family and newborn bundle of joy with a vaccination injector in hand What lies inside the hypodermic needle is a potential mix of neurotoxins and other reactive chemical preservatives that will. Utter garbage It was only my parent's generation that suffered from vaccine preventable diseases In fact my uncle contracted polio as a child and still suffers to this day from it And he was lucky He didn't dieAnyone promoting this anti science rubbish against vaccines should be ashamed Medical science has pretty much wiped out diseases like polio small pox diptheria and makes instances of measles mumps rubella whooping cough a rarity Shame on all those who gave this anything other than a no star review

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REVIEW ì VACCeptable Injuries? ☆ ❀ VACCeptable Injuries? kindle Epub ❄ Author Markus Heinze – Using a highly personal approach VACCeptable Injuries Increasing Childhood Diseases Developmental Disorders educates parents about the scientifically documented risks involved in vaccination Author Ma Using a highly pers Challenge an infant's fragile immune system to its core As the author reminds the readers most parents wouldn't take a chance on a car seat or formula without first consulting the literature or their friends Yet when we cede ultimate authority over vaccinations to our pediatrician we throw a far conseuential decision into another's hands without having personally done the reuisite research This book will help parents make a proactive informed choice no matter what their ultimate decision may end up being Only parents whose children have been harmed by a vaccine or who know children who have been harmed by a vaccine tend to research the topic of vaccine safety and effectiveness on their own writes Heinze I am one of those parents Drawing on his research and his anger over his daughter's illness the author writes with passion about a topic of vital interest to families everywhere Cogent and comprehensive VACCeptable Injuries will transform your understanding of vaccines and pediatric medicine alik. Would you let a high school teacher give you a mammogramWould you let a guidance counselor give you a pap testWould you let a gym teacher take out your appendixIf you answered no it's probably because teachers are not trained medical technicians doctors and surgeons If so then you need to ask yourself why a self published public school teacher who freely admits he has no medical or scientific training is ualified to write about vaccines If you answered yes you should always use contraception

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VACCeptable InjuriesUsing a highly personal approach VACCeptable Injuries Increasing Childhood Diseases Developmental Disorders educates parents about the scientifically documented risks involved in vaccination Author Markus Heinze speaks from traumatic personal experience as the father of a vaccine injured child His daughter developed type diabetes an autoimmune disease at the age of three and a half years old After much research in scientific journals and federal databases he has concluded that a Hepatitis B vaccine administered shortly after her birth is to blame You don't have to play the lottery with your children's life hoping nothing goes wrong when they are injected with the potentially lethal neurotoxins routinely included in vaccines writes Heinze This book provides you with a review of the medical and scientific literature surrounding vaccination risks as well as personal stories from those whose lives have been touched by vaccine related injuries According to the author's research tens of thousands of c. Wonderful read I have been on the fence for a few months about weather vaccines are safe for myself and my children Everywhere you turn they are saying that vaccines are safe and mandatory but this book lets you see another side The author has experienced a vaccine injury through his daughter He gives wonderful information that he has researched and found horrifying I am no longer sure that I have made the best decisions regarding my children's vaccines I am going to do further research and make my decision but without this book and the many references he listed I could not have come this close to looking into it furth Great book and a must read for all parents grandparents educators really everyone