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CHARACTERS Ý We'll Never Be Apart ê ➼ We'll Never Be Apart Free ➲ Author Emiko Jean – Murder Fire Revenge That’s all seventeen year old Alice Monroe thinks about Committed to a mental ward at Savage Isle Alice is haunted by memories of the fire that killed her boyfriend Jason A blaze Murder Fire Revenge ThatConfront hidden truthsIs the one person she trusts only telling her half the story Nothing is as it seems in this edge We'll Never PDFEPUBof your seat psychological thriller from the debut author Emiko Jea. ‘So where does a story that ends in fire and death begin It begins in the snow on the coldest day of the coldest winter of the last fifty years with two girls on their sixth birthday in silent house It begins with a body’ Alice and Celia are twins who have had an arduous life but fortunately they’ve had each other to get through it After their grandfather died when they were six they’ve bounced around to various different foster care homes some worse than others When Alice is seventeen years old Celia intentionally sets a fire that almost kills her but does kill her boyfriend Jason She wakes in a mental health hospital called Savage Isle to find herself recovering from burns and a definite lack of memory surrounding the incident All Alice knows is Celia killed Jason and revenge begins to consume her thoughtsHonestly the summary gives it all away and if you didn’t bother to read the summary then the prologue definitely will Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with a mystery that’s predictable because the story itself can make it all worth it but I have a hard time becoming sympathetic towards characters and their plights when I know than they do Their mental stumbling trying to uncover obvious clues becomes obnoxious than tragicWe’ll Never Be Apart could have been saved with some tension but I never felt a sense of urgency from Alice to uncover the mystery She finds herself in a mental hospital being charged with a crime that she knows in her heart she didn’t commit yet instead of attempting to work through her memories she becomes resigned to her plight and instead focuses her attention on her crush Nevermind that her boyfriend of several years just died in a fire a few weeks ago Becoming resigned to the situation she finds herself in would have been one thing because can you imagine waking up in a mental hospital being blamed for something you didn’t do and being force fed medication That would be terrifying and I think we’d all mentally shut down to some extent but the focus on the boy was what really ruined it for me And all the security card stealing so that the two can carouse the halls of the hospital at night Because that’s totally legitI kept reading hoping for a twist that I maybe hadn’t foreseen Alas the end came and it was less twisty and suspenseful than I had been hoping for The resolution was also far tidy than I would have expected given the topic All in all this one is far from being a terrible read but I’ve read too many books that touch on the same topic that have just been done better I received this book free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

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Twin sister Cellie set But when Chase a mysterious charismatic patient agrees to help her seek vengeance Alice begins to rethink everything Writing out the story of her troubled past in a journal she must. 35 Stars This must be some kind of cosmic joke Disbelief and utter despair run heavy and icy through my veins Cellie's really done it this time She's succeeded She's brought me down I'd clap for her if it wasn't so awful This is a story about Alice a pyromaniac charged with murder The story follows her time in a mental ward on Savage IslandIf I were to judge this book for it's simple prose it would receive all the stars I always find that young adult novels hit the sweet spot when it comes to my desire for emotional conviction That said I have a major disconnect when it comes to unreliable narrators Because it's ALL about the reveal Which is not to say this isn't a good one but simply not to my taste in plotline The reveal happens your mind is reeling suddenly the pages end and nothing I want aftermath Don't worry I won't let them take you away Where ever you go I'll go tooDo you promise she asked My answer was easy and automatic Because blood was blood and it was thicker than any sickness I promise I said We'll never be apart


We'll Never Be ApartMurder Fire Revenge That’s all seventeen year old Alice Monroe thinks about Committed to a mental ward at Savage Isle Alice is haunted by memories of the fire that killed her boyfriend Jason A blaze her. We'll Never Be Apart is a psychological thriller that relies heavily on the revealclimax that you can feel coming for the entire book I'm not usually a fan of mysterythrillers that don't deliver substance in the build and hang everything on the answers but with this book I think there's an even bigger problem it's just not that original or shockingI can predict that your enjoyment of this book depends on whether the ending is a surprise for you Having read several mysterythrillers both YA and adult I guessed the outcome when I read the very first chapter Some of these kind of books have characters and a clever psychological exploration that is strong enough to survive a reader who figures it out but We'll Never Be Apart is not one of those booksAfter a prologue in which Alice and Jason are in a fire set by Alice's twin sister Cellie the story moves to a mental hospital where Alice is being held Everyone seems to think she set the fire that killed Jason but Alice knows it was Cellie She also knows that Cellie is being held in D Block and that it's only a matter of time before she comes to finish Alice offIf you've read this kind of book before you might have already guessed it from that small blurb If you've read books like Vanishing Girls or Twisted Fate there's really no point in reading thisOn top of this the characters are nowhere near developed or interesting enough to be memorable The psychological aspect is superficial and left relatively unexplored And how Alice and her new friend Chase managed to sneak around a mental hospital so much is a complete mystery to me Do they not have any security measuresThis book tries to build a story around a twist that many of us have seen before The author should have invested time into creating strong characters and backstory instead of hoping the climax would be shocking enough to make us forget the restBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest