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Review è uade's Babies ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ uade's Babies ✩ Author Brenda Jackson – uade Westland's one night love affair with Cheyenne had branded him body and soul but he'd never even learned her last name Almost a year later driven by memories aInating photo the sexy operative had finally tracked her down and discovered three little babies bearing his features Learning he was a father made uade even determined he would. To be completely honest the story was only moderately intriguing I only kept reading uade's Babies because I was desperately seeking a point of contention between the main characters uade and Cheyenne The tale is a bit all over the place Cheyenne is only 24 but has a career as a successful model turned secret agent Did Brenda Jackson really write this foolishness The novella is incredibly short even for a romance novel and is only good for the insight it adds into the stories of the other Westlandsthe interesting ones uade's Babies just falls short There was an excellent storyline and Jackson didn't meet my expectations But that was nearly a given in the title which sucks as much as the book

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Uade Westland's one night love affair with Cheyenne had branded him body and soul but he'd never even learned her last name Almost a year later driven by memories and one incrim. Initial Thoughts Let me start by saying that I am really enjoying this book I just started yesterday but I like that there is a story line and to it than just sex The sex that has happened so far has been great Here's my issue I'm on chapter five and If I hear one time I'm a Westland or That's what Westlands do or you've never been with a Westland I'm going to screamUpdate I'm done Very good read however I can only give it three stars because there simply was not enough meat Also some parts of it were just unrealistic What I did like was how uade cared for the babies immediately Also when the crisis happened he was there to bring stabilityview spoiler The book opened up with uade going to look for Cheyenne He saw her on a magazine cover pregnant and wanted to know if she was pregnant with his baby Then there was the story of how they met and had a one night stand We heard that from both perspectives Next uade shows up on her doorstep and decides that they HAVE to get married because that's what Westlands do Cheyenne tells him she's not interested but less than 48 hour later these two fall in love After having sex a few times of course It would have been nice to have had time pass to make it seem realistic and believable Maybe having them spend time together dating etc I saw no development so the two of them declaring their love for each other was just stupid Then there was the whole Cheyenne being a part time secret service agent What a crock of shit This was ridiculous and did nothing to impact the story hide spoiler

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uade's BabiesClaim Cheyenne Steele in every way Shockingly the irresistible beauty seemed intent on resisting him But the Westland destiny was at stake and uade would fight for what was his. The bits about Cheyenne and her pregnancy in her sister Taylor's book Irresistible Forces intrigued me enough to make me seek out her story I was hoping for some actual story but all we get is blather about the hero's sense of responsibility and some sex I think could have been done with these characters Also one major issue I have with the supposed romance between these two is their age gap Cheyenne's self assertion and shadowy career would've been believable if she were closer to 30 than 20 and that would have made her seem able to match and hold her own against her super alpha baby daddy