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ueer AUTHOR William S. Burroughs Summary á 104 ✓ [KINDLE] ❅ ueer Author William S. Burroughs – Gwairsoft.co.uk Escrita en 1952 pero no publicada hasta 1985 debido a su franca plasmación del deseo homosexual ueer obra temprana de William S Burroughs es al mismo tiempo un descarnado autorretrato narrativo una h Escrita eIón y en esas excursiones como un pícaro alienado nos regala astillas radiactivas de su negrísimo humor Para resolver sus obsesiones mortíferas y sexuales Lee parte con su amigo a la búsueda de la ayahuasca droga absoluta capaz de otorgar el control total sobre los cerebros y por eso mismo codiciada por Rusia y Estados Unidos y por todo adicto Dispuesto a abismarse en todos los peligros como un santo o un criminal con orden de búsueda y captura Lee no tiene nada ue perder En esta novela aflora por primera vez ese paisaje alucinado ue hoy todo lector reconoce como el mundo particular de William S Burrough. Lee Chapter 4 Got an idea for a new dish Take a live pig and throw it into a very hot oven so the pig is roasted outside and when you cut into it it's still alive and twitching inside Or if we run a dramatic joint a screaming pig covered with burning brandy rushes out of the kitchen and dies right by your chair You can reach down and pull off the crispy crackly ears and eat them with your cocktails Junky is tougher and Naked Lunch is weirder but this is the best Burroughs' book I've read yet Light touching funny yet dangerous ueer isn't cuffed by the terse factual allegiance of Junky or the unchecked typhoon of spazz that makes Naked Lunch a slight disappointment Instead we have sympathy for the devil cringing for the maladroit and a fascination for a man who was neither social butterfly nor parasite but a bizarre insect somewhere in the middle

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Nales en las ue la obra fue escrita y ue marcarían la vida y la posterior trayectoria literaria de Burroughs Y se incluye también a modo de epílogo el texto ue el propio autor escribió como prólogo para la edición de ueer está ambientada en un inmenso suburbio ue Burroughs definiría más tarde como la «Interzona» y ue abarca desde la Ciudad de México capital mundial del delito hasta Panamá Un álter ego del escritor Lee teje su tela amorosa en torno a Allerton un joven ambiguo indiferente como un animal Deambula por locales cada vez más sórdidos en los ue pulula una fauna en estado de descomposic. seriously Lee will you give it a rest stop trying to get into the pants of that straight guy get some dignity try getting into the pants of some dignity Lee i hate to tell you this but you are embarrassing yourself you're desperate and that is highly unattractive even worse you surround yourself with the same decay that is present in your decayed view of the world and when that isn't enough you seek out even decay until the novel becomes a travelogue of depressing decay decay decay all the while trying pathetically to suck the dick of some serviceman who actually is neither your friend nor ueer you give ueers a bad name and so i resent even the title of this novel of your boring misadventures you are as bad as some drunk straight guy at a party who is so wasted that he doesn't even know that the girl he is hitting on so sloppily is rolling her eyes at him in boredom and disgust No Means Nohowever ueer you do get 1 extra star because you may serve as a somewhat easy entry point into the writing of william s burroughs who went on to write so much that was greater and well the writing in this one isn't really bad at all it is the story that revolts; the writing is on the interesting side of really not bad at all

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ueer AUTHOR William S. BurrougEscrita enpero no publicada hasta debido a su franca plasmación del deseo homosexual ueer obra temprana de William S Burroughs es al mismo tiempo un descarnado autorretrato narrativo una historia de amor brutalmente realista una grotesca fantasía tragicómica y una ingeniosa novela política Un libro ue proporciona muchas claves fundamentales para adentrarse en el arrollador universo literario del autor Esta edición definitiva editada con motivo del aniversario de su primera publicación incorpora una extensa y documentada introducción de Oliver Harris en la ue se repasan las complejas circunstancias perso. I have a passionate hatred for William Burroughs I think even his fans have to concede that he's a degenerate piece of shit I admit my prior experience with him consists of 5 pages of Naked Lunch and a couple biographies of various sorts none of which fail to mention the pedophilia and him murdering his wife I'm from Detroit don't think for a second I buy his bullshit story not that I'd hold that against him when rating this book I went into this book expecting it to be about heroin abuse and gay sex you know some fun light reading instead it turns about to be a sober heartbreaking tale of profound universal human loneliness In deep sadness there is no place for sentimentality It is as the mountains a fact There it is When you realize it you cannot complain The fact that this book is great somehow only makes me hate him Alright Burroughs I don't like you and you don't like me but I found this for50 cents today so I'm giving you one shot to redeem yourself Don't Fuck This Up