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Reader ☆ Welcome to FOB Haiku Download î ➳ [Reading] ➶ Welcome to FOB Haiku By Randy Brown ➩ – Here’s a taste of FOB HaikuThree Cups of Chai ku1I had hoped I guessfor something like Starbucksnot yellow water2We build our nationsone tea party at a timeThey serve we protect3No one here can leEy serve we protect3No one here can leadthis endless talk of actionue shura shur A short enjoyable read The poetry is undemanding and unpretentious which makes it accessible to a wide audience Beneath the simplicity lies depth beauty and a deep intellect at work Brown's uniue standpoint as writer soldier poet makes for compelling reading Within minutes of looking at the preview I knew that this was a must buy Despite having served in different Armies on opposite sides of the Atlantic there are strong parallels between Randy's experiences and my own as a part time Cold War Warrior turned Ira Afghanistan regular soldier and officer The book captures the entire essence of the soldier's experience there is a humour that will draw out belly laughs Grace Ready to Eat Your Drill Sergeant Writes Haiku Too and a sense of pathos Love Note From a Drone that will bring the reader to the point of tears I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in poetry conflict and military matters whether or not they have served

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Here’s a taste of FOB HaikuThree Cups of Chai ku1I had hoped I guessfor someth An enjoyable collection of poetry haiku and other forms from a veteran about his experiences at war – sometimes boring sometimes terrifying and sometimes something in between but altogether indescribable Brown makes as much sense of war that can be made in a poetic way Great read Highly recommend it

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Welcome to FOB HaikuIng like Starbucksnot yellow water2We build our nationsone tea party at a timeTh Poetry expresses that which cannot be said any other way In his first book of poetry Randy Brown known to his blog followers as “Charlie Sherpa” beautifully and simply relates his experience of war As the name of the book implies much of his work takes the form of haikus though the author also delves into longer poetry that both in its free meter and rhyme often reminds me of Randall Jarrell’s The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner The brevity of the haiku perhaps the form’s greatest strength speaks to my own love of short poetry In just 17 syllables Brown’s pieces capture a year’s worth of moments in Afghanistan That is what I identified with the most those word images that remind me of the unbearable yet cherished memories that make up a combat deployment Though I have never been to Afghanistan reading his work stirred deep emotional memories of my own time in Ira The first time I read his poem night vision which recounts a patrol between American soldiers and their Afghan counterparts it seemed to rip me from the comfort of my living room back to the worst—and best—memories of my adult life Like any good soldier of course the author often recounts the incomprehensibility of combat with a healthy dose of humor I found myself grinning unconsciously while reading “your convoy leader writes haiku” picturing any number of grizzled non commissioned officers specifying road speed and following distance in classical Japanese form Moreover I could not help but enjoy the author’s use of the Army’s famously esoteric jargon to make beautifully original poems The author uses the Army’s acronyms and pidgin English felt like he was winking knowingly at me and the other the veterans who will read the book As you can probably tell I greatly enjoyed Randy Brown’s Welcome to FOB Haiku My dog eared copy proudly sits on my shelf—when I am not taking packing it off to the couch to read again His well written beautiful funny and jarringly honest portrayal of a Global War on Terrorism deployment exemplifies what I believe poetry was made for saying that which will never be able to be said in any other way L Burton Brender is an associate member of the Military Writers Guild and the coauthor of In Cadence a book of poetry from two Army officers Follow his blog Swords Pens at yobousensoublogspotcom